Trap Door Brewing is a 15-Barrel Brewery in the Heart of Uptown Village, Vancouver, WA.

We are a fourth generation beer industry family with the goal of producing the highest quality craft beer with sustainability and community in mind.  We invite you to visit our large taproom and patio for a family friendly experience while sipping on balanced North West style craft brews.

Grab a Pint in our Taproom, Right on Main Street Vancouver

We have an ever-evolving list of 12 taps with a rotating guest cider.  Enjoy our upbeat taproom surrounded in natural wood tables, private booths, vibrant art, and large copper-top bar.  Or soak up some sun on our large patio, or warm up next to the firepit. Hang out for a local sporting event, board game play or just have some great conversation while sipping on deliciously crafted beer.  

“Come for the beer, stay for the community”

  • Large spacious taproom
  • Uptown’s largest dog friendly patio
  • Family friendly until 8pm
  • Uptown Village’s very own food cart pod
  • Completely smoke free establishment

Every Pint of Beer is Crafted On-Site in Our 15bbl Brewery

We’re continually evolving our recipes and methods inspired by craft beer from around the world.  Our family run 15bbl brewery has created crowd favorites in a variety of contemporary styles including New England style IPA’s, Kettle Sours, and other hop/fruit forward beers.  Bright, bold and crisp flavors are our inspiration!

Enjoy Great Eats from the Selection of Local Food Carts

With our focus on the best beer possible, we haven’t forgotten about great food to compliment.  Come check out our selection of local food carts just steps away from the taproom. E-San Thai and Taco City food trucks are open daily and offer weekly specials for Trap Door guests. We are surrounded by some of Vancouver’s greatest eats, so grab some food from Bleu Door Bakery or order a pizza from Vancouver Pizza and have it delivered to you in our taproom.

trap door brewing owners and staff

The foundation of our beer is pure, deliciously clean water filtered through reverse osmosis.

re·verse os·mo·sis (rĭ-vûrs′ ŏz-mō′sĭs, ŏs-) - A technique for purifying water, in which pressure is applied to force liquid through a semi-permeable membrane in the opposite direction to that of normal osmosis.

Great beer is only as great as its ingredients.  Grain, hops, yeast and water, all must be of the highest quality to ensure high quality beers.  Since beer is mostly water, it makes sense that the water used in making the beer is of the utmost highest quality and purity.  Reverse Osmosis (referred to as RO) water treatment is one of the most effective and thorough methods to effectively remove undesirable additives and other contaminants from a water supply.  The RO process is particularly effective in removing chlorides, dissolved solids and fluoride from the water supply.   Fluoride, for example, is not removed by traditional paper or charcoal filters and is concentrated in the brewing process if not removed.

The team at Trap Door Brewing is committed to serving you the highest quality beers.  We carefully craft our beers using the finest of ingredients including:  locally sourced grains from Great Western Malting in Vancouver WA, Yakima and Willamette Valley hops, yeast from local sources, and Reverse Osmosis water produced onsite.   Our processes ensure you get consistent, quality beer in every glass, pint, growler, and keg.